Promotions in Motion

Details Matter When Promoting an Event


The devil’s in the details. That’s the number one rule of event promotion. In order to produce a successful event you need to be organized and well connected. There are so many facets to event creation and promotion from establishing a budget to strong media connections to knowing who your audience is and how to reach them.

You would never host a party without sending invitations would you? Events are the same way. You’re hosting a great party and need to let people know about it. The idea for your event should be targeted to a specific group. What’s in a name? EVERYTHING! Your event title should be able to sell what your event is all about. Getting too cutesy or fancy can sometimes get your message lost. Be direct. Always assume the person receiving the information knows nothing about the event. They should be able to read the information being sent to them and instantly connect with the purpose of the event.

Remember….always under promise and over deliver!